Stories Instagram ing

Hello friends in my Instagram account @elrincondelco @elrincondelcorredorpopular to continue giving visibility to the popular athlete and club I will share in my stories all sports publications in which I am tagged with the only requirement that I am a follower of the account.

The best thing to do is always tag me in the photo and you will appear in my account.

If you do not want to tag me in the photo you can also use the hashtag #ElRincónDelCorredorPopular or #ElRinconDelCorredorPopular.

The disadvantage of Hashtags is that if the photo is not of the moment it will be placed in order by time and day it was published and you may not see it.

You can also mention me in your stories and I will share it in mine.

What I don’t recommend is that you mention me in the text of your publication because many times I don’t get the notification and then I won’t be able to see it, but if I see it I will share it.

If you have a private account and don’t want to make it public what you can do is share your post in your stories and mention me.

In order for me to share in my stories you must have the following settings.

Remember that if you tag me in your posts you will automatically enter #LaFotoDeLaSemanaDelRincón I put here the RULES in case you want to read them.

And if you do not want to miss any interview I recommend you to subscribe to my website to find out everything that is published on it. Interviews to athletes, interviews to clubs, games, reflections, chronicles, etc…

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